Staff Directory

Office Staff

Head of School
Mrs. Kelly Wannamaker

Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Cyndi McIntosh

Business Manager
Mrs. Sonya Seitz

Adminsitrative Assistant
Mrs. Dawn Hodges

Faculty and Staff Members

Pre-school Teacher
Mrs. Sue Ann Price

Pre-school Assistant
Mrs. Darlene Wells

Pre-school Teacher
Mrs. Karen McEwen

Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Nancy Wilson

Kindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Becky Bays

First Grade
Mrs. Marie Hancock

Second Grade
Mrs. April Bryant

Third Grade
Mrs. Tammy Carlisle

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Kaylee Kuzbary

Fifth Grade
Ms. Laura Ardis

Sixth Grade/Seventh Grade ELA
Mrs. Robin Galloway

Sixth Grade/Seventh Grade Math/Science
Mrs. Bridget Wells

Bible, Music, Chorus
Mrs. Candy Ashba

M.S./H.S. History
Mrs. Debbie Bair

H.S. English
Mrs. Robyn Bennett

Bible, Art and Chapel
Mrs. Tammy Cogdill

H.S. Math
Mrs. Karen Schwendinger

Personal Finance/Speech/CODE
Mrs. Amy Magaw

Foreign Language
Mrs. Ada Smith

H.S. Science
Ms. Elizabeth Cila

Athletic Director/Physical Education
Mr. Ritchie Way

Physical Education
Mr. Anthony Reitenour

Media Specialist/Library
Mrs. Susan Oswald

After School Care
Mrs. Katie Minor

Lunchroom Manager
Mrs. Donette Lookabill

Lunchroom Staff
Mrs. Alison Ridgeway