Upper School


 College Preparatory Course Requirements **

                                                                English                                                 4 Units

                                                                Mathematics                                        4 Units

                                                                Laboratory Science                             4 Units

                                                                Foreign Language                               2 Units

                                                                Fine Arts                                                1 Unit

                                                                Social Science                                      3 Units

                                                                Computer Science   (CODE)               1 Unit

                                                                Physical Education                             1 Unit

                                                                Religion                                                 3 Units

                 ** Clarendon Hall’s “College Preparatory Course Requirements”, excluding the Religion credits, meets the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and the South Carolina Department of Education course requirements.                                                  


9th Grade:    The student shall have successfully completed grade 8.

10th Grade:  The student shall have earned at least five (5) units of credit, including one English credit and one math credit.

11th Grade:  The student shall have earned at least eleven (11) units of credit, including two English credits, two math credits and one science credit.

12th Grade:  The student shall have earned at least seventeen (17) units of credit, including three English credits, three math credits, and two science credits.


Graduation: College Preparatory Diploma, successful completion of twenty-four (24) units of credit.