College Preparatory Course Requirements

Our challenge curriculum, including AP course and dual credit offerings will prepare your student for life after Clarendon Hall.


Credit Units

English 4 Units
Mathematics 4 Units
Laboratory Science 4 Units
Foreign Language 2 Units
Fine Arts 1 Unit
Social Science 3 Units
Computer Science (CODE) 1 Unit
Physical Education 1 Unit
Religion 3 Units

** Clarendon Hall’s College Preparatory Course Requirements, excluding the Religion credits, meets the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and the South Carolina Department of Education course requirements.


9th Grade: The student shall have successfully completed grade 8.

10th Grade: The student shall have earned at least six (6) units of credit, including one English credit and one math credit.

11th Grade: The student shall have earned at least twelve (12) units of credit, including two English credits, two math credits and one science credit.

12th Grade: The student shall have earned at least eighteen (18) units of credit, including three English credits, three math credits, and two science credits.

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